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Intellectual and Industrial property

We consider that your company´s success depends on the intangible asset’s protection. We provide you legal advice to grant the register of your trademarks, and the protection of creations such as books, presentations, and articles.

Industrial property

Trademark registration:

You can protect your trademark from unauthorized usage from third parties through registration. The business registration at the Chamber of Commerce does not stand for a trademark registration. This is done at the Superintendency of Industry and Trade.

Our services portfolio includes the legal analysis of the precedence of the filing, background search for previous trademark records, filing the request at the Superintendency of Industry and Trade, and the tracking of the its outcome. It also includes the filing of all the appeal as well as the contestation of any opposition that may appear in the process.

By registering your trademark, you will have the following benefits:

  • Distinguish your products from the competition.
  • Create advertising campaigns.
  • Only by registering you trademark you can prevent that third parties use it to promote and sell similar products or services.


It protects the creation of artistic, literary and scientific works: software, databases, written material. All these creations can be protected through the Superintendency of Industry and Trade. The protection of these creations is also the acknowledgement of their rights and authorship.

Our service includes the legal analysis of the [merits of the request], filing at the National Directory of Copyright Services and the tracking of the request.

Corporate and Contractual Law

Establishment of Corporations:

Our advisement includes an analysis of the type of corporation that best fits your needs, also the creation of by-laws and registration in the Cámara de Comercio (Our Chamber of Commerce) and general orientation regarding the obligations of the legal entity incorporated.

We also give you legal consultancy in your business relationships in order to elaborate the contracts that best fit to accomplish your goals.


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